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Hey everyone,

I'm planning to take part in the 2016 Mongol Rally in a CG10 K11 (yet to be purchased).

I need a few questions answered though.
1) What MPG are you getting ? (STANDARD 1.0 ONLY PLEASE)
2) What should I look out for when buying one?
3) Where can I find a rollcage and what should I expect to pay?
4) Is it possible to fit a double din DVD player?
5) What can I take out to save weight?


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I was getting an average of 43mpg over a 2 year period from my 1.0L, but it goes without saying that when thrashed you will get a lot less.
The biggest enemy of the K11 is rust. Most Micras will eventually rust through at the rear sills as the sunroof drains In to the sills. Get under the car and have a good poke around this area.
The other area is the front, lower cross member. Unless it's just been replaced or your lucky enough to get a Micra that's been garaged, then it will have some degree of rust in this area. It's an easy fix tho if you can weld as the parts are not £25-£30