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Mona's Progress

Hi guys, so after saying i'm gonna get another one for the last few months i finally got round to it and bought myself another Micra :D
Say hello to Mona!!




I've had 2 micras before and love the things

This one's a 1.0 Inspiration who's been owned by an elderly family friend for the last 10 years, and before that by one of her friends who bought it brand new in 1999 from the Nissan garage just up the road (i don't think the car's actually ever left Newbury) and has been very well looked after with 47k on the clock!!

Other than a tasteful dashboard ladybird (adds 5 bhp at least i reckon) and a bit of damage on the passenger door, Mona's just as she left the showroom :D

I don't plan on doing anything major with her just some OEM and other subtle upgrades. Whether or not i stick to that plan is another thing but i'll log everything down on here for you guys to have a look at haha.

Cheers, Luke
The ladybird will be staying Lyra :p

@MaxK11C has been round again today helping make a start with Mona :D

Shes been washed, clay bared, polished and waxed so she's nice and shiny

Max set loose on the engine bay with a toothbrush and some degreaser and made a bloody good job

I also dug the alloys off my old micra out of the shed, gave them a wash and we stuck them on as well as spraying the grilles black so now she's looking fresher than ever.. here's some pics :)





Another little update (sorry for the crap pictures it was a bit too dark for my phone to cope :L )



A few things have happened over the last few days. I've 'repaired' and colour coded the bumpers & door handles, blacked out the front badge and fitted some LEDs. The rear wiper is half way through being deleted (just waiting for the bung to arrive) and also been haunting the scrap yard with @MaxK11C and got a pre facelift boot handle which has been colour coded as well as some tweeter A-pillar trims :)

Off again tomorrow to grab some bits we couldn't get today so fingers crossed there should be a decent update by the weekend... watch this space :D
Looks really clean, you should think about getting a wrap around spoiler it will look a lot better but at the same time OEM. Love the pre-facelift boot handle, doesn't go unnoticed ;)
Cheers @Big B :) Funny you should say that as we picked one up this morning actually haha! just need to paint it and fit it now so should be on the car by the weekend :D
Nice, need to see pics when you got the beauty painted

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Oops just realised i never followed up on this :oops:
The wraparound was painted and fitted the week after picking it up and it looks awesome :D But since then not a lot has changed really due to other projects coming up too


The bump strips and badges have gone now and i'm just in the process of getting rid of all the crud thats left over. The centre brake light is out for an LED swap and i need to sort out a little boot leak... I'll get some decent pics when i've finished that :)


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While since this has been updated hey?
Well this car now belongs to me.
I bought it off Luke for @Lyra to drive to JAE!

Here's what she looked like before I got my way with her, just freshly picked up at 5pm!


Oops! That needs fixing, along with some other "Age related marks!"

But on the whole, a clean, well looked after 1.0.

It was dark by the time we finished, had a friend over to help me. We sprayed the front wheels black, after ditching the wheel trims. I've made a start on repairing the body, looks a little... questionable right now, it'll look better when it's finished, I hope...