miss fire when blip throttle

New here, apologies if I'm in the wrong place - please guide me elswhere if so....
Own Micra Tempest 1l 2003 from new - original 15k on clock
SORN for 3 years; now want to get back on road
Problem; on starting ticks over no difficulty. Rev up, no problem, very smooth. Blip throttle from tick-over and it miss-fires and lumpy.
Wondered if its "Mass Airflow sensor"? Only a researched guess! Can't get one anyway, and don't know where to fit it!!!
Is the car worth anything as is. Body good nick, sun roof, serviced....?? Advice please, or diagnosis would be good too.
Thanks, in case you can help.


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if it not kangaroo when driving. seems ok for now. maybe not blip throttle type of car from factory settings ?