Mini Rims (Minilites/Superlites etc) on Micra?

I really fancy fitting a set of 13x8" or similar old classic style rim onto my K11.

I wondered if anyone had fitted something similar to their car?

Mini PCD Fitment as far as I can tell is 4 x 4" (101mm)

PCD Fitment on Micra being 4 x 100mm...

Has anyone got away with fitting Mini wheels onto the Micra? Any machining done on the wheels?

My other thought is to source some deep dish Alleycat rim, or something for retro Ford / VW. Has to be deepdished and around 13-14" and wide!

Anyone got any information that would help me please?

I will be modifying the arch area to allow the wheel to fit etc.
To answer your question it is a yes dude!

I trial fitted a set of 13x7 chrome superlites and they went on but with littel persuasion hence the 1mm diffrence!

To out these on your car u will ned a set of "wonky bolts"

i do not know wer to find these but i can find out for you!
Nice one dude, I'm glad someone's had a go at fitting them. They'd really suit the Micra well, the Japanese Super Mini!

What are these " wonky bolts " mate? I've never heard of a wonky wheel stud, doesn't sound too good though! lol.

Any more info mate?

I may be tempted to fit a 4 x 100 Ford / VW old school rim, but a deep dish Super/MiniLite is unbeatable I reckon.


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nismo wheels are like minilites,

call into halfords, ask them to call Compomotive (makers of the minilites) and they can get you a quote.


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u wont get fordrims to fit as there 108 pcd, vw 4 studswill fit tho, and i reckon that u can get minilites in all sorts of pcd
is it not possible to get minilites with a 4 x 100 pcd
im sure i found some while hunting for my alloys?

Yes the easiest solution are the mazda minilites, there technicly not mini lites as they only have 7 spokes, stud patterns perfect but just have to have the centre bored out to fit the micra.
I fitted the bbs style oz light weight racing alloys from a mazda.
I found this site that gives you all sorts of wheel fitments, it gives this lot as 4x100mm;-
Make Model Year From Year To
BMW MINI, BMW 2002, BMW 1600, BMW 3 Series (E30), Daewoo Espero, Daewoo Nubira, Daewoo Lanus, Daewoo Nexia, Daihatsu Gran Move, Daihatsu Sirion, Daihatsu Charade, Daihatsu Applause, Honda CRX, Honda Concerto, Honda Prelude <1991, Honda Accord<1991, Honda S800, Honda S600, Honda Civic, Kia Sephia, Kia Mentor, Kia Concord, Kia Shuma,
Mazda 121<1995, Mazda MX5, Mazda 323, Mazda MX3, Mazda Demio, Mitsubishi Carisma, Mitsubishi Colt >1992, Mitsubishi Lancer >1992,
Nissan 100NX, Nissan Almera, Nissan Micra, Nissan Sunny, Proton All,
Renault Espace, Renault R21, Renault R19, Renault Laguna, Renault Clio, Renault Megane, Rover 400, Rover 200, Rover 45, Rover 25, Seat Ibiza >1993,
Seat Inca, Seat Toledo, Seat Arosa, Seat Cordoba, Skoda Felicia,
Skoda Favorit, Skoda Forman, Skoda Pick-up, Subaru Justy <1995,
Subaru Vivio, Suzuki Baleno, Toyota Yaris, Toyota Starlet, Toyota Paseo,
Toyota Corolla, Toyota MR2 <1990, Vauxhall Corsa, Vauxhall Chevette, Vauxhall Victor FE, Vauxhall Nova, Vauxhall Calibra, Vauxhall Cavalier,
Vauxhall Agila, Vauxhall Astra Mk3, Vauxhall Vectra, Vauxhall Astra Mk2,
Volkswagen Polo, Volkswagen Vento, Volkswagen Passat <1996,
Volkswagen Jetta, Volkswagen Lupo, Volkswagen Golf, Volkswagen Corrado,
Volvo 360, Volvo 440, Volvo 460, Volvo 480, Volvo 340.

the centre bore size would have to be right though.


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how about these 14" nismo rims. not sure how wide they are though, probably 6".


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Centre Bore is never a problem.
If its too big, there's options like a spigot spacer that'll locate around the centre of the hub, or if if too small, any engineer would be able to bore out the centre of the wheel, probably use a pillar drill or vertical bore. Would take them 30 mins at the most to do if you turned up with the alloys (without tyres of course) and the measurement you needed.

Some Ford PCD was 4 x 100mm if I'm not mistaken?

Thanks for the list Sonic,
only problem is that the majority of modern non japanese, non vintage rims look gash. :(

Madza MX5 Rim would be cheeky. The stock Mk1 Rim doesn't have any dish though, and just like that Nismo rim, just doesn't do the car any favours.

In my opinion, the best type of rim is a rim with at least an 1" lip/dish, 14" x 7"+

It's a shame most of the Mini Minilites/Superlites or other aftermarket rim for the old Mini were 4 x 101mm (just 1 mm out, reason why I wondered if any one had been succesful getting these to fit without a hub adaptor).
I thought of enlarging the bolt hole on the rim 0.5mm on each corner of the alloy hole, but it's never going to work, too unsafe.

So what sort of rims could you pick up 2nd hand off vintage/classic cars that are 4 x 100mm, deep dish, that sort of size. Got to be a few bargains out there....!
They are very fit. But the seller knows it aswell.
TOOO Dear!

I personally think 15" is too big for a K11, I might be wrong but most of the rim's I've seen look best in a 14", with a 45 or 50 profile tyre and a major "lower-age" in ride height, I reckon the K10 is the same.

I'm well up for finding a set of tatty 14 x 8" Minilites for £150 with about 2" of dish, that need a lick of matt black paint and a new set of 185/50/14 Yoko's stretched over...

Madza MX5 Rim would be cheeky. The stock Mk1 Rim doesn't have any dish though, and just like that Nismo rim, just doesn't do the car any favours.

What does the stock mk1 rim look like as the ones i have are bbs style oz light weight racing wheels, 6jx14with a 1" dish currently sprayed matt black (badly by myself) awaiting refurb, full set including tyres with only slight kurbing for £50.