I've found a 2006 Micra Diesel and it is the sport + model and the ad says that its all good and its in a light blue and has 108,500 miles and is it worth £800 also I forgot to say as well its located in kent but I want your opinion before I go and buy it. It has no accident damage it has its v5. Its on alright condition needs a few parts here and there.
Yes. No. Wait. Maybe.

Go look at it. And if you like it just buy it if you think the price is good. We cant determine if the price is right or not with that less information.
Make sure you check every button etc works. Look for any problems that you might need to repair or replace in the near future. (If you do decide it is for you.)
The price don't sound all that much. But the viewing and a test drive will tell you better.
Than anyone can answer here from the short description.
Also do a vehicle check they don't cost all that much and are worth the time to do.

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go early and check the motor from cold! this will check the condition of the cold start abilities, if you feel the car sounds ok then go through the checks advised by sparky 2018, also check the service history and if you have the car reg do an MOT history check fro new this gives you areas the car may have failed on and the remedies if recorded by owner. they are demanding on the front suspension with the engine weight and low profile wheels so check the suspension!;)


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Check under the driver's side headlight for rust, (take a torch), if it's more than just surface rust walk away......