Micra Wont Start! Pfft

Yesterday my gfs K12 micra wouldnt start.

I was certain it was a flat battery as it was visibly lacking in power (dim lights etc). So I replaced the battery and bingo- it started.

I ticked it over then turned it off.

This morning the car wouldnt start again but Im hopeful its just down to me flooding the engine yesterday when I briefly turned the engine on and off.

How do I unflood the engine? I see people refer to disconnecting the fuel pump fuse but I cannot find it. My fuse box layout schematic has nothing about fuel, pumps, etc.

Which fuse is for the pump?!?! Can I unflood the engine?


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K12s do have a fuel pump fuse but it's in the gizmo box under the passenger side headlight. Involves removing the headlight, arch liner and entire bumper grr. When I replace my injector on Saturday, I'm doing it the ghetto method. Aim to arrive home with the fuel light on and then let it run at approx. 2000 rpm with the bonnet open 'til it runs out of gas :laugh:.

So if the engine is flooded, would that cause the ECU to tip and therefore prevent the car starting?

How do I unflood the car :blush:
Accelerator down, and after two long 20 second bursts it finally started. Masses of smoke out the exhaust and a stench of petrol!

This is the first time this car has failed to start. But it seems common right?

As a rule of thumb should you never pump the accelerator when trying to start the car? Does this simply flood it?

Or can you use that method but be prepared to flood it and then have to do the method of accelerator fully down and long 30 second bursts of ignition?
The only time I've ever had to help the ignition with the throttle is when the battery has been close to completely dead. Otherwise your car should start with a simple turn of the key, within a few seconds at least.