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Micra Urban Van.

Ment to post this the other day but it didn't seem to upload I'm looking at the drive shaft passenger side into gearbox for any sign of a leak.?
Maybe someone has had this problem before and can confirm or give some info or advice.
Cause I'm not really sure exactly what I should be looking for or even if I'm looking in the right area atm.


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So I have decided for now I'm going to just get under and find out what's going on.
I've ordered the seals just incase that way if its that I can put one in when ready.
But first I'm going to throughly check and see what it might be more accurately.
And I also just got the bush and bearing removals tool because it saves the hastle of making up a custom tool and also struggling on with that rear axle Bush on both sides.
I've also had a look around to find a decent mechanic that's near by.
Gonna go for looking for gearbox part number check the fill port and drain port the drive shaft into box. The dip stick cause that is also suspect.


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Right I've had a look and taken photos.
I can see this so far.
My gear box breather pipe not seated.
I look around the axle it looks fine to me from under the car.
Next I'm wiping off all the muck at bottom and decide I should look back of engine.
Oh wait oil all around the filter.
Thats fresh clean oil not a leak?
Looking up further I can see oil on some wiring and pipes.
Leading upto the air-box housing.
Does look like that might be a Gasket failed on top of engine.

So I've remove the axle stands now cause it's not the gearbox or axle cv.
The boots look alright not torn or ripped.
Some thing else I notice two bolt look to be missing at the top of air box at the rear of they are small holding a fixing plate.
Not sure why they are missing and I don't remember it being that way before. Maybe I just didn't notice that.

Is it common for a leak at the top of the engine on the head Gasket cause that's how it looks.
I cleaned off everything I can reach with break cleaner the sub frame was really covered in muck and oil.
So now I'm going to just let it settle and see what happens.
While I work out how to replace or renew the Gasket.

I wonder if it will need an actual gasket or sealant.
This could be repaired hopefully other wise the car has got to be probably scrapped.


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Found one of those antenna adapters that look to be a match on amazon and its way cheaper than the original.
I don't need one but if someone has same problem of it sticking or snapping it's a good replacement option.
Just ordered this for the case cover at top my guess is this is the correct area of the leak it maybe simple fix for me to repair.
My only problem not sure if I need liquid gasket or rubber.
I will find out once its removed.
It may be liquid so this is my reason for getting this product as the engine is a later model. Not sure when they changed over from rubber gasket to liquid but chances are it will be the latter.
Plus side to this I can replace the spark plugs and have a look at the old ones.
I will do this shortly probably next week. Have just added a rubber gasket to my list so I have one as backup.
was unable to get a idler pulley tensioner yet so will try again with that and see what size the nut is since its probably still fine bearing wise.

Once this is done I'm going to go back to the manifold and try some other methods to get the last bolt removed its going to be either hammer n chisel or some spanners that fit hard to reach places then it should be free.


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Today the plan was to try again on the belt replacement got everything ready but am unable to find the actual belts.
Its not that urgent to be replaced and I'm still waiting for the gasket to arrive for top of engine that I think is more important to do.
Just got the engine top rocker cover gasket. Looks rather bigger or thicker than expected so glad I got even if it ends up being another spare item.
A quick view under the car again did not show any signs of anything at all I'm quite surprised now and wonder if it was false identification of an actual problem.
I doubt its nothing tho because it rather messy at the back of the engine and it must have came from somewhere.
Will continue to monitor it and probably should look closer again soon.
Mid torque vs high is much more beefy.
Heavy though.
Thought I would show since the mid is pretty useless for wheel bolts or lug nuts apparently.
This high torque model is nearly on par with what is used in garages meaning equivalent to air tools.
Slightly less power but still it can remove items that are a struggle by hand.
I'm quite strong and noticed it takes alot of effort this sometimes makes a job a real task rather than an enjoyable experience.
Been waiting for a discount and got 40 pound off making this product affordable.
I advise you grab one because it won't be around for long.


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