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Micra Urban Van.

The cold is getting to my battery I start every day just about and its sounding weak.

Also my sticker has lost its blade due to removing ice.
Today car frozen over like ice berg.
I removed all snow yesterday.
Problem I'm facing is the door keep freezing and I can't get in easy.
I've dryed out the inner door seals and framing.
Started up alright to say I'm in a shaded and icey spot.
Suprised really because I thought it was going to not turn after yesterday's snow.
Also found my sticker blade on the gravel so that's not going to go on and I think I'm gonna remove the sticker as it now looks a bit naff.
Have you tried silicone/rubber rejuvenator on the door seals? If it's the lock, I dunno, silicone oil maybe? (Course you have, don't mind me).
Here in the Land of the Finns we use silicone on the door seals, works at -27C. Mine is like giant lipsick ~12cm, roll a little bit and smear to seals.
Gun oil is good for locks, it doesen't freeze easily.
Thanks I will give this a try soon might save me buying a new door handle as well cause they are not very robust I noticed.


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In the past I have found that spraying the rubber door seal with 'Mr Sheen' silicone furniture polish, prevented the rubber sticking to the door.....
Drivers door won't open from inside I'm sat in car trying to get back out.
This isn't ideal time for this to happen

Took door card off right chew on anyhow off the door card then pulled the handle and what do you know it works again every time.
Very strange.

Been out and door still opens alright no idea why it wouldn't open from inside.
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Got a tyre pump that is cheap but works.
I coupled this up with a cigar lighter adapter that plugs into the wall to help save draining the battery.
Aired up the drives side wheel as this one was looking desperate for air.
Takes forever to fill just one but it worked well and double use I can fill my bike tyres in comfort without having to break out the manual double barrel pump.
I also have gotten some metal polish to be used for the headlights when the weather gets better.
And a bottle of back to black for tyre and trim.
I missed off my list headlight sealer but I have some left over.

Ring rac pump. (bit disappointing but does the job and isn't terribly loud)
240v Adapter to cigar socket (very nice)
Door won't open today again from inside.
Cannot feel any tension on the handle.
Going to have to leave it now and put up with it for a while but I will replace the cable if needed.
Might be cause the door stuck that day frozen and today the car is an iceberg.
It started up alright tho we are about - 3.5c so it's rather cool was - 6 last night.
This is rather extreme for North of England.

So it's a straight forward repair job after researching the cable is either broken or its came off the latch.
I'd just probably replace the part.
Its a common fault and is an item that is used every day so to be expected.
Didn't think it would last very long after it worked again when removing the door card It looks like a bicycle cable.
I didn't really look in detail what the problem is I think the torch is needed to give me a good view of what it looks like where it meets the mech.
Hopefully it won't be an expensive fix.
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Okay none micra related.
Much as I'd like to work on the micra ASAP.
The corsa D has thrown the seat belt tensioner lights on both front seat belts.
And the airbag light is on.
This vehicle previously had issues of not wanting to move and the rear drums seem to have been seized after standing a long time.
Any how I'm looking at getting a tool so I'm able to replace the tensioners if it's both side I don't know.
Could try removing the negative terminal for a quick repair.
However I want to clear the code and replace the items that caused problem.
So what I'm looking at is an autel scanner probably the cheaper one of what's available.
If anyone has any info about these pretentioners or other related to the scan tools please let me know.