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Micra Urban Van.

They are valeo ones not glass they do have a good clear look to them.
And look great when they are turned on.
Am wanting the Headlights to be more clear. Glass like have been thinking about getting a pair to refurbish. And clear coat. The rear have that kind of look but they had little done to them just a polish and light buff.

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Had a try with the dremel disc cutting tool they don't last long before the shatter.
My drill is rather more powerful being 18v.
I can see the bolt head is still on was just hiding under rust.

Anyhow I just wanted to show some previous work that had been done before I purchased the vehicle.
It has been welded on the driver's side. Under headlight unusual being reverse side from the norm here in UK.
Was told it was the engine mount. Not sure if this has been done well or badly. As I am not experienced in welding. Maybe other more advanced users could comment on this.
The reason its on other side is it has had spent some years in France.
Have now put some larger penny washers in place and the parts are all stainless steal.


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