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Micra Urban Van.

Today working on back 2 black plastics. The indicator clusters. Also tested on spoiler and all other exterior plastic items.
Going to wait a day and see how this sets in before taking more photos..Waiting for grilles. These will be hand made and are to be installed later. Plan is make front end happy again and face lift a little later.
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Backbox of the exhaust seems to be making a ticking sound.The ground next to it has been water covered.
My guess is its humidity but its dripping water at the back of the box not really that concerned as yet as the car has been stood for a while over most of the winter.
Probably needs a run to blow out the humidity..
Added some covers to the top mounts on front suspension struts. They come from Nissan versa and are not very tight fit. Also my breather hose mod that I managed to get to fit after a lot of trial and error I used a vax part a radiator hose and a red top from a gas tin for the top it fits it does the job enough said..
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Want some of these fog lamps.They seem over priced for what they are imo. Also currently looking for rear gas struts for back door.
Am wondering if I should just go for led fogs and bull bar combo.
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Today added some new talegate gas struts as the old ones were on their way out. Also added some trim mouldings to the bonnet around the lights, rear door and both doors.
Was going to use the trim as part of the grille for the front bumper. Only this did not seem to work so instead used for its original purpose.
Will take some photo soon.
Up next touching up stone chips and scratches.
Lastly remove the old rivets from number plates .Replace with screws as they seem to be a rusty patch around them on the plate :cautious:(Good ole Rivets)
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My next task to wash the bodywork again in preparation for the paint touch up.
Ordered some paint and fine brushes for the stone chips. Have been researching best method for touch ups. The bonnet is peppered and the worst things are the rear bumper and one on the wing they are long scratches that the touch up paint probably wont work for. The last area is on the roof above window. This is a problem area and I will show a close up of this most likely going to need to spray this part another time.