Question: Micra to Mongolia- help please!


We're driving our Micra K11 over 10,000 miles to Mongolia in this year's Mongol Rally. We chose to take a micra because of its fame for reliability and because the rally rules are that it can't have an engine bigger then 1.2L. Not technically motorsport as we're not winning any prizes for coming 1st or making too many modifications- the aim is just to try and get there!

Was just wondering if anyone has some suggestions on how to raise the clearance as we're going to encounter some pretty rocky terrain along the way?

Also does anyone have any advice on potential problems- ie what spares should we take along with us that may be hard to get along the way?

Any help is much appreciated, also if you'd like to help out or donate to the charities please go to for more information,(Y)


Steve and Candy
Hi Steve & Candy
I rally a micra, and id say defiantly take spare wishbones, they bend easily, also the rear panhard rod has been known to bend, mine has a metal bar welded onto it to strengthen.
Thanks Mattjo, much appreciated i have no idea what those are but will pass on to steve who may have slightly more idea what they are! ha! i think we're gonna try raise it up and get a sump guard fixed to it, aswell as roof racks jerry cans, do you think we need a snorkel too? might have to do some river crossings but might be overkill?
iv driven in mongolia (not in a micra), i dont think you will need a snorkel, but raise the car as much as possible!!! the words 'pot holes' and 'ruts' dont come anywhere close!!
sump-gaurd is a good idea.
make sure you take lots of inner tubes and use steel wheels! (you can bend them back out:)
oh, and take some of that chemical metal putty stuff (not the evo stick one, i think 'quicksteel' is the best) they all use it out there for repairing holes in tanks and the like.
GOOD LUCK! :D im very jealous :)
Thanks Noddie, wow i think we need to take along someone who actually knows their stuff aswell! So at the moment we've got alloys- have to look into chaning them-Thanks for the luck i think we'll need it :wow: