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I've just acquired a 1997 K11 without any handbook and the stereo just displays SECURITY. I think I know the code but have no idea what to do with it. Can anyone help me please.

Also, anyone know where to get a spare key from at a reasonable price.
Say ur code was for example 2468.

Using the radio preset buttons numbered 1 - 6, though u will just only need 1 to 4.

Using the above example code, you have to press the preset button 1 - (2 times), then button numbered 2 - (4 times), button 3 - (6 times) and lastly button 4 - (8 times).

This is how it says to do it in my owners manual for a post '98 micra. Reckon it should be the same procedure on the '97 models aswell.

However it also says that you shouldn't have to enter the code if the word 'SECURITY' comes up cos the head unit will automatically search for the matching code from its interface to one in the cars immobiliser, therefore only working with that one and only car.

If the word 'CODE' comes up then it says in me owners manual to enter the code in the way I have said above.


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If you take the car to Nissan they would charge you a small fortune to get the Security code for you.

Your better off spending £50 and buying a second hand Cd headunit or a low spec new unit.


old nik

Thanks for responding.

Anyone know why the word SECURITY appears instead of CODE. I'm sure it's the original radio cassette installed. Could this be because someone (before me) tried to input the code more than a certain number of times incorrectly? On my other car, I have ten attempts before it's locked out but then I HAVE to take it to a dealer to have it reset.

On a vehicle with a functional radio unit, what happens if the car's battery is disconnected and then reconnected after some time? Do you then have to reinsert the CODE?

Mike, I did actually contact the local Nissan dealer and didn't want to be critical of the (preposterous) charges they impose for such small tasks. They quoted me £50 plus VAT for resetting the radio and £25 plus VAT for copying the key. They wouldn't give me any hint as to what I should do but suggested I bought an Owner's Handbook for £35 ('s good there's no VAT on printed goods). But I'm not so sure that there's sufficient advice in the manual.

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Yeah, I had this problem... It is to do with how amny times the code is put in. If the code is put in the maximum number of times there is a period of time it remains locked until 'Code' re-appears, just checked my manual...

Entering a wrong code twice locks radio for 10 seconds and display indicates 'Secure' Every further incorrectly entered code will lock the unit for 45 minutes (keep the ignition on Acc or ON Position) on the 20th attempt the unit will be permantely locked, contact your nissan dealer.

So you have to wait ages, and by April if it's still not working you can garuntee some fool has tried to input the code 20 times!

Hope this helps.
Purchased a micra for a run around for work, with the radio displaying radio locked contact Nissan dealer. Took car to dealership today they have said they can't fix it as it is to old 10 plate got to buy a new radio😡😡😡 wouldn't mind but how is a 10year old car old