Micra Shape 1996

I have owned my beloved 1996 Red Micra Shape for 18 and half years, it had 25k miles on clock when I bought it. I use it every day and now has over 140 k on the clock. It has the the original exhaust - is this a first, I wonder if I can I get it into the Guinness Book of Records?

Every year it is a struggle to get it through the MOT mainly welding, always passes emissions though. The wheel arch has a rusted patch of about 2 ins by 1 ins and I worry that when it is due for MOT in June it will be another thing for it to fail on, and the garage I use in South Birmingham may say it is time to call it a day, so I need to be prepared so need to know are bumpers easy to come by, are there any enthusiasts that could advise me?.

I am so emotionally attached to my car yes it is a piece of metal but I love it, I have lots of happy memories with my dogs at agility competitions, visiting my horse down muddy tracks (who I have sadly lost). No wonder the arch has rusted! Sadly over the years two of my dogs died in my Micra, my rescue Field Spaniel was put to sleep by the vet as he was so ill and my springer died on the way to the vets, they were very old and loved their car journeys as do my current dogs.

Two years ago I invested in a 2011 Spring Green coloured Micra but I could not part in the end with my red Micra it has been a faithful friend to me. So I use it every day with my dogs on journeys to the vet, allotment and voluntary work at local childrens hospice. I have kept the green Micra for when I eventually get another admin job so I am not always covered in dog hairs!

The lacquer is peeling away on the one side and does look unsightly. I am out of work at present so cannot afford to have it re painted. Is there anything I can do myself to cover it up, I have tried the red car polish but it looks no better.

Look forward to any advice and to hear if anyone else is so emotionally attached to their Micra!
The bumpers should not be that hard to source. On eBay or a local breakers yard. They are reasonable in price for the k11.
I have a k12 and I am almost ready to prepare the paintwork for a polish and wax actually I will try to detail the whole body as best I can from the knowledge I have so far gathered online.

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They rust always ontop/next to the filler neck, and the inner rear of the arch were the boot floor is and rear sill/arch, if had a little bit of.time they can be done and sorted nicely , the rear floor and boot are well.known along with the crossmeber to rot
Now a days most garages see a k11 they don't want to fix as it's classed cheap #### box :(
if you want to keep it stay away from underseal and Shultz ,
I had a one it went in the same way (rear end just rotten and never welded and just bodged) had 142k with the original belts and exhaust lol
Mine had welds to the front close to the engine mount on drivers side. Whoever done it made a lot of mess. Lots of sparks flying around cause I can see them all on the windscreen.
And as far as I can see everything else looks solid enough.
If at any point I needed some I would probably give it a go myself. Provided it was in a place that's not too awkward.

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My K11 been in family since 1997. I have corrosion on my front cross member (I treated it when had radiator out), though my MOT centre deem it as not structural. I do have issue with my sills, each annual MOT it needs some welding, last Sept it required a substantial amount due to all the previous patching, though mechanically now 110,000 it plods on. Quite attached to it!
Tbh if it's turning into a patched quilt , not better off getting the replacement out sills and new inner ad least then there's no rust and either old engine oil and or waxoil
And the cross member is structural it's also apart of the surface mount and structural to the front of the chassis legs same as the floor rails tho not strong still are classed as structural
Sills and cross member are aprox £25 a panel