Micra Running Issues

Hi Guys,

Just got given a Micra from my sister as she has had problems with it, im not new to Nissans but new to Micra, read alot up on them but trying to get some advice.

The car seems to hesitate when hot, doesnt so it when cold. Ive checked the spark plugs and the tell signs are its running lean. Obviously the first thing ive done is changed the throttle body and the problem still happens, resoldered the old one and still the same problem.

It seems to hesitate, the engine management light will flick on and off when this happens also.

I dont know what else to try, ive replaced the dizzy cap and arm as the were looking worn.

Any suggestions?



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I had this problem, For me it turned out to be a faulty lambda sensor (the sensor screwed into the exhaust manifold). Try unplugging it (follow the wires to a grey plug) and see if there is any improvement.
Several other things to look at would be to check HT leads for any sign of wear, fuel injectors, fuel filter etc.
Ive replaced and resoldered the throttle body and no improvement, HT leads seem ok. i unplugged the lambda in the manifold and nothing happened.
Would it be the injectors or filter as it happens when its hot not cold


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that flickering light probably points to a sensor fault ben, mine flickered when i fitted a switch to the coolant sensor once
Ok with more tinkering done its still doing the same thing.

Ive changed the fuel filter and the leads are new. It seems to be doing it at certain revs with in the rev range.......would it be the dizzy?



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diagnosis is the key to finding an intermittent fault ben, else you end up wasting money on unnecessary parts.
a £17 data lead and free ecutalk software will display what every sensor is doing