Micra Not Starting!

Had my 1998 Micra 1.3i Ally parked on the drive since it passed its MOT about 2 months ago. I took it for a short burst two weeks ago, but since then it hasn't moved.

Tried to start her up today, and wont start. Its never failed to start in the 12years i've owned it, apart from one frosty morning in 2008 which was later diagnosed as the battery, which we had replaced.

When turning the ignition, the lights come on, the engine tries to tick over ONCE, but then stops, the rest of the times I try it, it just clicks and doesn't start.

The obvious thing to do would be to try to jump start it, but dont have leads to try. Is there any other obvious causes for this? The lights weren't on so battery couldn't have drained and there have been many times in the past i've left the car for upto 6 weeks without touching it and its always started first time

Would appreciate any advice.
each time you try and start does it get weaker? then if so its the battery

if its not that check the connection on the starter is tight... say its loose and as it turns over it looses connection or sommin
When i put my lightened flywheel in it too a few days on and off and my battery was dead, and everytime i tried to start it it just 1/4 turned and then just clicked, so its probably just the battery
Turned out to be the battery. Hooked up some jump leads, and it started first time.

Took the car for a goon spin and all appears well. Dont know why it happened, battery is fairly new with 4yr warranty from kwik fit so i'll take it in for a test when I get a chance.

Thanks for the advice all.