Micra Not starting K11

Hi , Im new here.
The other day my wife rang to say her K11 had the 'engine CHECK' light flashing on the dash.
She drove home with it flashing and said the car was sounding/running ok.
When I got home, I tried to start it, it did fire, very quickly, but then only ran for five seconds, cut out, and would not start again. It was trying to start, almost firing, I thought it would.....(it was getting a healthy spark- not flooded)

I tried again in the morning, and it was attempting to fire and eventually did. I left it running for five minutes, and it sounded normal - running on all four etc...

Anyone got any ideas what is wrong?

(Loads of clean petrol in tank, good plugs , air filter, healthy battery, good strong engine, etc...)
Please help


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always thought a flashing engine light meant an immobiliser (NATS) problem.

however that wouldnt explain your engine problem...

sorry i cant be of much help lol


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Chances are its a NATS Problem, so maybe give Nissan a call.

Leave it a few days though and see if it clears up.