Micra not start after 2 days of non-use

Hello everyone,
i was buy a nissan micra k13 at August 2011, HR12DE, after 3-4 months, one day, not start after 2-3 days non-use, i was change the battery and the problem solved but now does it again. When i turn on the key i hear one beep from alarm and the voltmeter goes to 11.5v. anyone knows something about it???????thanks.
Some alarms draw a fair bit of current and even that flashing LED (fake alarm!) on my Micra can flatten the battery in 4 weeks. And modern batteries hate being run down too often, so when the battery gets weak it will take a lot less than 4 weeks to flatten it.

Can you get a multimeter with a 2A (2000mA) range to the car? Give the battery a charge, then lock the car normally, but with the bonnet open. This next bit is easier with 3 hands--put the meter across the join on the negative terminal of the battery (one lead on the negative post and one on the negative wire (meter should read zero or close to it), then remove the heavy wire from the battery leaving the meter leads in place and the meter should read whatever is the discharge. Some manufacturers think that 0.02A (20mA) is acceptable. I say it kills batteries. Remember the reading.

Don't put the meter leads back on once they are off, as there can be a surge that blows the fuse in the meter (if it has one).

Also, put the battery lead back, switch to 20V DC range and check the voltage with engine running. Should be about 14V.


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mine has a draw of .01A, the boss,s BMW has a draw of 1A ! (and its always running flat :rolleyes: )