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Micra non starter

Hi folks.
I've been trying to fix our Micra since last week with no luck so decided to ask for help here...
Last week our Micra stopped on the road. I've been trying to o start it on the spot but engine was shaking and seems to misfire.
Before we had situations when we felt vibrations once car was stop on the traffic lights but not always.
I tried to start car same day in the evening but with no luck.
I checked spark plugs and coils - they are fine,
Dropped few drops of petrol to each air inlets and engine started for couple seconds do there is spark.
Disconnected fuel rail and looks like fuel pump give a fuel to injectors( just not sure what pressure)
Checked injector with Noid light and there was no pulse when cranking engine.
Replaced camshaft position sensor today and there is a signal on the injector so was happy that my problem is solved but was wrong.
Put all things together and not starting. Tried to turn key few times to pump petrol to the injectors and cranked for a while but still no start.
Will check fuel pressure on Monday and recharge battery because can feel after all that trials is not fully charged.
I replaced timing chain 3-4 years ago ( whole kit) as there was EML coming on
Now there is no EML light on.

Any idea what else could cause this problem?
Fed up with this car now....