Micra musings

2 years of driving my 160sr now, still enjoying it, especially in the colder weather, with a bit more pep.

Hadn't driven for a long time, before I got it, but remember as a passenger in my dad's new 1.3 sve when they came out in 03, that it felt like driving on rails, very accurate and agile. That memory and feeling stayed with me, and 17 years later got the micra, my first car in over 20 years.

Been looking at 2000s hot hatches recently, in particular renault clios 172, 182 to rs200. They seem to be regarded as hot hatch royalty, with renault being the Kings of hot hatch chasses, suspension and engines.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but renault designed the clio chassis, and used it first on the micra k12, before using it on their updated clios.

Does the k12 share the same chassis as the hot clios I've mentioned? It would explain why I had such a strong feeling about the ride of my dad's sve.

That got me thinking, has anyone tried or know of anyone fitting the renault sport 2.0 litre engine and suspension into a k12?

The idea has got me salivating like a looney.

Mika The Finn

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In my unredstanding Micra and Renault have same chassis.
Renault version of HR16DE has different 'name', it's same engine with turbo. Been thinking to put Renault engine to Micra.
On the other hand, Camaro has 348hp/519Nm at rear wheels, that fills my hunger for speed.
Peppy Micra still would be nice...