Micra k13 steering wheel not returning centre after turn

Hi all,

I just bought my wife a 2011 Nissan Micra. 67k miles and one previous owner. Really good condition.

However, we have just noticed that steering wheel does not return all the way to centre.

Small turn to the left or right and it stays there so we have to manually correct it every time. On pat-holes etc you can fee the car pulling slightly to one side or the other.

When turning all the way either say, it’s coming back but stops right before centre position. Wheel alignment seems fine as the car does not wonder off in any direction while the steering wheel is cantered. While driving, manual corrections are required all the time.

I've checked with a tyre place and only toe can be adjusted in micra. Caster and Camber are fixed in this model.

The dealer I bought it from said it’s normal as some steering wheels are like that. I’m not too sure this the case.

Is it normal for this model?
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Sounds like the tracking is out, take it somewhere decent. Make sure they track it with the steering wheel fixed at zero. My 2014 was like that when I got it, someone had done a piss poor job of putting a new track rod end on.

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I had a tracking done couple of days ago. It was way off. However, that did not fix the issue. I've noticed that resistance closer to the centre increases and maybe that's why is not returning to centre.

Its a kuro model so I'm wondering if they have fitted different power steering system as I heard that some of the newer cars behave in similar manner.