Micra K13 bluetooth phone controller failure (March)

Micra is known here as March.

OK the problem is that suddenly the controller, fails to respond to any phone button pressed at the steering wheel buttons, and radio does not display the bluetooth connection.

Volume control, source and next/previous song buttons respond OK.

The controller is located under the passenger seat, in a small box with a label displaying the manufacturer (VISTEON) and model number "contasy power tel VPBASF14B409RA". Made in CHINA

First of all: I heard several posts in other sites saying that owners of micras have paid several thousand dollars to Nissan Dealers that does not know even the simplest things about troubleshooting this problem.

Somebody has been charged with up to 300 USD to the dealer who wrongly changed the spiral cable
Others have pais 200 for new buttons
..:And problem persists...
Finally the dealer charger up to 1,500 USD for a new controller.

Now here are some simple steps to know where is your problem:

1- The controller bypasses all communication to the car stereo, so, if the steering wheel buttons for volume, next/previous and source work: THEN the spiral cable is OK and not need to be replaced... Most likely the phone buttons are in the same status: not need to be changed. So please don't let the dealer charge you for his ignorance.

2- For removing the controller, you will need to remove the passenger seat. Refer to your service manual to do so. Remove the plastic linings and `pull the carpet up. (the controller is bellow the carpet).

Now I have removed mine, and as the controller bypasses the steering wheel buttons, then your buttons will be rendered unusable until you put the controller (old or new) back in its site.

As extra data: There is a design flaw on the body of the Micra, you see, the water drains bellow the wiper washers are too small, so these get clogged with dirt very easily. This results in flooding the area. This flooding, will cause water to enter the AC air intake, flooding the car floor, under the carpet, and.. as the controller is just under the carpet, it gets flooded and forget about your bluetooth capabilities.

So I encourage you to disassembly the wipers and clean the drains (one at each side of the car), often. At least once a year. I did an additional trick by glueing a piece of plastic to the air intake, to further resist too much water in the ares.

I will keep you informed with the progress of making the damm box working again, and not having to spend 1500 or more bucks with the damm dealer.

If you have more skills than me, please post your findings!!!

Have luck....