Micra K13 1.2L, 3 Cylinder Timing marks on Cam gears and Crankshaft

Does anybody know which marks on the Cam Gears should correspond with the marks on the Timing Chain ? On each Cam Gear there are two marks (see pictures)
I aligned the chain painted marks, and the painted line parks on the Cam Gears, put everything together, but engine does not start. Eventually got it started, idles with a slight miss, and revving up on about 2,000 rpm hearing like a multiple valve noise , revving up higher and lower the noise goes completely away.
I opened the chain cover again, and the alignment marks were completely out of position by 2 - 3 teeth???
I ordered a new chain in case the old one is stretched, but still unsure of the correct timing marks on the Cam Gears.


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