Micra K12 Starter fault ?

Can some one give me some information on just what the problem might be ? . Went shopping yesterday .And on return i had to stop the k12 1 litre on the drive. And soon after i had opened the garage door to put the car in out of the heat, i went to start ,,now i know a bit about cars and what i think had happened was the starter dog was stuck in the starter ring and never returned to original resting place after it started untill i stoped the engine . After restart all was normal . Just need second opinion on this and i think its a starter motor fault any one had this problem ? if so how did you resolve it ?.
If it only happened once and all is now fine don't worry about it mate...... the starter on my 15 year old Micra (141,000 miles) has made a few strange noises over the years but it has never failed. Just see how it goes.

My '03 Micra has been doing this (comedy starting noises) for 5 years... while annoying, seems to carry on regardless. It looks like an easy job to swap out the starter, but just could never be arsed.
Take it off and check the gear teeth for play on the starter and check the flywheel teeth for damage if you’re that worried, leaving in a chewed starter can also destroy a flywheel so take that into consideration...
Just swap it out. You can get a new starter motor off ebay for next to nothing. There are loads of used ones on there now for between 15 and 20 buy it now, and brand new ones for less than 50 buy it now.