Micra K12 heater not blowing

Help my heater has stoped blowing on all 4 settings .
i have removed the parcel shelf and drawn out the resistor card

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The card shows zero resistance across all 4 contacts and the little thermal micro switch atatched to the brass contact makes no diference to the resistance readings .Do these readings mean that the card has gone short circuit as i would expect to see different resistance readings across the contacts .

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With the card unpluged and ignition on the blue wire shows 12v . With the engine running the red and yellow wire show 14v .

Ive checked all in cab fuses , The fuses under the bonnet are not so easy to check though .


Found the fault on me heater after testing every thing else i finaly tested the motor and found no fault but on reasembly the heater worked so the problem was a bad contact at the blower 12v plug .
Here are my test pictures to help any one with the same problem .

move the 4 way blower switch while testing the card feed cable for voltages

On left had drive cars the blower may fully extract but on my right hand drive micra the blower only comes half way out before hiting steering and throttle components so i had to just test it in place .

Couldnt find a fuse for the blowers in the engine bay but i tested all the fusable link wires at the battery + terminal for voltage ,The white wire from the fusable link is the Blower feed i believe .

Hi Les,
Had exactly same problem recently and thanks to your information and great photos was able to source problem at 4-wire electric connector on motor resistor, as you found yourself. This has to be pressed really tight until plastic "click" is heard to engage pins. Saved me €75, as most blogs recommended new blower motor resistor.
Thanks for the help