Micra k12 buyers guide/advice?

Hi, i remember when grewing up in the 00´s when my parents had a primera p11 estate and a note, i´ve allways liked nissan until they had renault bits later in them. Anyway, i got behind the wheel of a Micra sr160 for sale a month ago and was amazed how well it did drive, keyless entry and the space inside including sliding rear seats. I think last time i laughed behind the wheel of a car was in my C2 vts i had in 2018!
I´m just a bit curious since they are getting old now so how are the k12 like in terms of reliability and issues? And what real mpg do you get from them? I´m going to drive a 1,4 tekna this week and maybe the sr160 again.

And thanks for membership.

Daniel (Denmark)