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Micra K12 ABS Light on after fitting new brake drums and bearings

I completely replaced my K12s Rear Brake Drums (plus new bearings), brake shoes and cylinders and both hand brake cables. It took sometime but all went well.

However, I noticed that when I started to drive the K12 the ABS light was permanently on. I re-checked the rear ABS sensors, cables and connections to the rear break assemblies and all looked good.

After some investigation it looks like the rear ABS sensors are the magnetic type and I'm wondering if the new rear drums or bearings I've installed have the appropriate magnetic sensors built into them for the rear ABS sensors to work or do I need to fit something called an ABS Ring somehow to the new rear drums.

These ABS rings are available to buy on eBay but it does not say where they attached to.

Any body got any ideas ?



OK. I fixed the ABS red light being on by fitting new ABS rings inside the new rear brake drums. Fitting these magnetic ABS rings was easy and this re-enabled the ABS sensors to work inside the rear brake housing which removed the ABS warning light.

Lesson learnt.