Micra K12 1.4 and 1.6 160SR shocks...?

Mika The Finn

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Does anyone know if there is any difference between 1.4 and 1.6 shocks? :unsure:
I found a set of 4 with everything but, the German seller states on their webpage, it doesn't fit my 'Big-Block' Micra 160SR! :rolleyes:

According Finnish parts dealer, shocks are the same for both model/engine versions! ;)

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Universal fit to all Euro models K12's, I also uprated my drop links from a mazda 2 ( D65134170A) for superior strength and stability.
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I get this from a lot of retailers saying parts I have ordered will not fit, but they tend not to cross check their data base as most of my parts are from Renault stock, Micra parts (same products) are 3x the cost!
Unfortunatly, Shocks tend to have model specific brackets welded to the damper tube for the drop links and flexible brake hoses. the rear shocks are K12 specific because of the design of the boot area. other areas like brakes front subframe bushes etc can be harvested from other makes of cars once you know the specs and cross checking part numbers. My front and rear brakes are Renault (Modus & Clio), just changed all 3 engine mounts for less than £42! with quality parts. pays to spend a little time shopping around and the feeling you are not being ripped off.:)