Micra k12 1.2 misfire

Hi Everybody,

I've got a Micra k12 1.2 and lately, it has been misfiring. When I'm using an obd2 dongle to read the fault codes, it shows a misfire on cylinders 1 and 3. I already replaced the spark plugs, swapped the coils with new ones, but that didn't help.
Now I read an article online explaining how the car's computer can have a bad earthing point. I found 2 earthing points near the right headlight, near the control unit. I cleaned and sanded those and sanded the place where the earth points are mounted, but that also didn't help.
What can I try else?



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Hi Rick,

What code did your OBD sensor throw up (if any)? I had quite a few strange moments with my 1.4 micra and a new camshaft position sensor was what it was asking for. Whatever you have done so far, be sure to clear the fault codes BEFORE fitting the new bits, failure to clear the fault codes will render the new part as good as useless.
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ie: for example, if the fault is showing as a dodgy camshaft sensor "PO340" remove the old camshaft sensor and CLEAR / DELETE the fault code and THEN fit your new part. Whatever the fault always delete the fault code and THEN fit the new part..... trust me on this one ;)


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Have you tried reset = disconnect battery +-cable for a minute.
Before this, manually switch off your stereos from button, most likely you don't need to ask for radio code.