Micra k12 1.0 smoking badly

I've got a 2005 micra k12 1.0 and failed its MOT on emissions. I've changed the lambda sensors and the cat which were all knacked. The problem is it is still smoking loads. Does anyone know what is possibly happening and could help me out thanks...


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if its blue smoke, then probably clogged oil control piston rings £££
does it chuff oil mist if you run it with the oil cap off ?
if it is blue smoke, try RISLONE ENGINE RING SEAL STOP SMOKE BURNING OIL REPAIR, as a cheap additive to help with the smoke, if the smoke is white you will have a coolant leak. Either way service the engine warm if possible and use a high viscous engine oil with the additive, You will then be able to see @ a small price where the engine condition is? (y)