Micra k11 turbo for sale


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hello i am selling my nissan micra k11 1.3 turbo t20 with intercooler if anyones interested and want more info pm me cheers £1800
People are going to want more info at martin says mate, your trying to sell something for nearly 2 grand and you spend 30 seconds writing the advert.
its almost like starting a thread and saying 'Im selling some stuff, anyone who is interested PM me'


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micra turbo
hey mate can get you pics tomorrow but send me you email address
its a micra k11 black 1.0 but replaced with 1.3 turbocharged,its hs the ms body kit including the middle spoiler (still a 1.0 on log book, cheaper insurance)
The turbo kit is a t20 and intercooler, cylinder head has been ported and replaced with a 2mm headgasket,lightened bottom end.
its also got a induction kit,dumpvavlve, sard fuel pressure regulator,skyline gts fuel pump, 1.6 injectors,straight through exhaust system with custom back box, nissan pulsar gtir discs and calipers, its running of the emanage blue and has all the harnesses injector and timing also it has the original greddy pressure sensor which will enable you to tune on your own if you wish to.


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Nice bit if I had it I'd remove the body kit and tints then make it alot lower :)

Have you any higher resolution pics mate?