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Micra K11 Progress

Hey guys.

Thought i'd share the progress of my k11 on here. Any ideas of what I should do next would be appreciated!

So it is a 2002 tempest, second facelift. The car is unfortunately a Insurance Cat S, due to being rear ended. I got the car from somebody who bought it out of Copart.

I have replaced the whole rear end with prefacelift parts and looks good, especially because they don't do a Prefacelift KY5 (I don't think, correct me if I am wrong).

The car is used for Autosolo, and so far I have replaced the steering wheel with a Deep Dished one, put some alloys on it (Micra SR/Super S alloys), lowered it by 35mm but looking to go lower.

I have a prefacelift front end to go on, and can't wait till it is fitted.

I will attach some photos of the car later on today, but any suggestions of future modifcations would be appreciated!
Was thinking a 1.4 engine swap or cams, but unsure.