Micra K11 Pollen Filter Replacement - How?

Discussion in 'K11 General Discussion' started by V6Matt, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. V6Matt

    V6Matt New Member

    I have just serviced my sisters 2002 Micra 1.0 Tempest, however I wanted to make sure my approach is correct for the pollen filter (it's placement/access being quite unique).

    I pulled the glovebox off and the haynes manual says that I need to cut the perforated lines going down, I have found what I think to be the lines but they are very thick? and don't appear to be the kind you could easily cut with a stanley knife?

    Then you need to buy a service replacement panel from nissan?....really?

    Does anyone have a step by step guide, even better with pictures, as I dont really want to be chopping bits of her car that I shouldnt.
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  3. Sterling

    Sterling Active Member

    The way I approached it was to pull the box of where the filter located, out from behind the glovebox, you have to pull the box down to the floor well. Once out, its just a matter of pulling the filter out and replacing it with a new one. I've done this already on my 98' K11, though I didnt change the filter, I was just curious on how to do it without having to cut the plastic lines.
  4. Eliot

    Eliot Ex Super S Owner

  5. V6Matt

    V6Matt New Member

    Thanks both, there appears to be a few different revisions of the filter shroud.

    This is the one I am working on [​IMG]

    For some reason I can't access that second link as apparently I have no permissions, also unable to retrieve via a forum search :(.

    Could you possibly cut and paste the details? Thanks :D
  6. Scott

    Scott My name is Scott

    Its in a members only section and paying the membership fee will gain you access. I would cut and paste but its frowned upon :(
  7. peposhi

    peposhi Once I win the Euromillions...

    You can cut a part of that plate to allow you to remove the pollen filter
    Once you finish,use some bracket and bolts or screws to secure the panel
  8. Comvec

    Comvec Active Member

    Just done mine today,I removed the glove box lid,the heater blower housing and the housing that carries the pollen filter and heater matrix is in front of you,the back wall of the glove box is blocking access to the filter,I cut from one hole to the next on the left only,the bracket hinges enough to get the filter changed with out cutting the piece out,I did mark the cable for the recirculation flap in relation to its securing clip before I removed it out of the way,a 70mm X 30mm piece of metal with two holes drilled in it on the bench was held in place and the plastic drilled and bolted to it to secure it.
    Trying to post a link to a picture.
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  9. peposhi

    peposhi Once I win the Euromillions...

    that was definitely a dirty one! (Y) Glad you've sorted it
  10. starfield

    starfield Active Member

    I am thinking of getting mine sorted, I have got a few questions though

    Once the glovebox out and having cut on the perforated plastic, what do I do?

    Is the filter sealed in (with a sealant) or secured in (with some fasteners)?
    Can the filter be cleaned or should it be replaced?
  11. martinb

    martinb Ex. Club Member

    Is the pollen filter just to filter or am I being dumb!?

    I don't suffer from hayfever ;) but is there any gains to be made in removing it?
  12. decxter

    decxter Active Member

    Pollen filter does exactly what it says on the tin. It filters the air coming into the car and helps cut on various things such as fumes and bugs and other things.

    The filter is help on be a screw on the bottom and a clip on the top or vice versa. They can be cleaned but it easier in the long run just to replace i got mine on ebay for £12
  13. Eliot

    Eliot Ex Super S Owner

    5bhp I think, I removed mine and it had noticable gains!

    none of the above is true
  14. starfield

    starfield Active Member

  15. starfield

    starfield Active Member

  16. decxter

    decxter Active Member

    Mine looks identical to yours I cut the perforated lines/hole with a soldering iron and then the filter was held on with a screw on the bottom and a clip on the tip and it just slid out.
    hope it helps.
  17. martinb

    martinb Ex. Club Member

    Ha ha you joker :)
  18. sjw102

    sjw102 New Member

    surely you could just cut one side, bend it bck, pull out the filter, put new filter in and leave it?

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