Micra k11 engine noise

Hi everyone:) ,

This is my first post here and I hope I'm posting this in the right area

I purchased a Nissan micra 2001 (55k mileage) about a year ago and the engine noise doesn't seem to be normal. A loud noise.

I have taken a short recording of the engine sound and hope someone can enlighten me on where the noise is coming from and how I can sort this issue out.

I put this car up for sale and have had a few viewings but the noise has put people off.

Another problem that I have is the handbrake light seems to stay on at times. The brake fluid is at the correct level.

Hope you guys can help

Much appreciated, Zed
...yep...wrong section :p
...nevermind ;)


Right...umm noise?...not a clue...can't really hear it properly as daily motion seems to be playing the stupid adverts over it <_< (could be my PC ;))
does sound like something is catching, and at a regular interval...timing belt degrading?
....hopefully the wonderful member here Frank (knower of all things K11) will peek at this thread...and give you a more informed response ;)

handbrake light?...cable issue?...are you definitely releasing the lever the whole way down?
is it holding the car on a hill?...or do you have to pull it as far as it will go to "catch" so you don't roll back/forward?


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heh jen :)
it does sound like the belt area eh, like a dry alternator or p/s pump bearing maybe ?
and the brake fluid level has to be near the max to keep the light out :)