Micra K11 CV Joint

I have a 1995 1.3 Micra and the CV joint is clicking. MOT guy told me joint and gator need replacing. Thinking of DIYing it, ut am on a tight budget. What would the fraternity recommend of the three options in terms of economy and simplicity. I'm no expert, bear in mind!

1: Buy brand new CV joints and Gators
2: Buy and replace whole axle from salvage yard with joints and gators attached (no messy gator replacements)
3: By CV joints from salvage and new gators.
4: Another combination
I replaced mine with one from ebay jandr cvjoints good quality boots thinner than oem but 8 pounds per joint. Been on for a year with no problems
Thanks for the ideas. So, am I correct to understand that I shouldn't go to the scrapyard to get a shaft?

I've been checking eBay and they sell the joint and boot kit for about £27 for the pair (inc. p&p) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NISSAN-MI...arts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item1e5f42909d
And the complete driveshaft is about £115 for both sides http://www.jandrcvjoints.co.uk/micra-1-3-1-4-1-5-driveshaft-brand-new-n-side-92-03/

I still have to check local sellers to see how much they're charging though.
Infinity, did you change the joint and boot only?

Thanks again


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be wary of the smaller prefacelift 1.0 type, ebay listings are often wrong on those
and i prefer to fit 2nd hand factory parts personally :)


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Yep. Changed the joint and gator as mine was knocking on LHS on full lock.
It's a much simpler job than I expected :)
Sorry for brining this up after so long. Just wanted to share that I finally changed it myself last week.
Got the CV joint and boot/gator kit from JandR. Spoke to them on phone and gave them reg. Price was good at about £25. Delivery was excellent.

Was quite easy, if you can get hold of a good club hammer, a breaker bar and the correct sockets (21mm for lug nuts, 30mm for hub nut and 17mm for removing calliper)

This is a good video:

If the link doesn't work or appear, just search on Youtube
Replacing CV Joint Boot On A Nissan Micra (2nd generation, 1992-2002)

There's one tip which i found elsewhere which is very useful, and that's to measure how far in the axle should go into the CV joint before you remove the old one; otherwise, you will be left in doubt whether or not you have tapped it in far enough. Also, you can tell if it has clicked in properly or if the pin has twisted, etc., by checking if it is rotating freely and smoothly when you move it around by hand.

Also, the ninth post down on this thread has some good detailed instructions: