Micra K11 cutting springs


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Basically, got 2 sets of standard springs. So I can have 1 set for MOT, 1 set for being on the ground.

No money to fork out for mega expensive top notch lowering kits.

How many coils will slam the K11.
Just basically need to know how many coils to cut...

I know some of you have cut springs, it's a dark area in the motor industry, but come on guys, help a fellow Micra owner out?

I don't rice about town, I'm usually found just chillin in car parks, so I wouldn't mind my Micra on the floor, lower than those Corsa fools haha.



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meji, have a good chop at a set and see how it sits. if you dont like ive got a spare set you can have for free to try agen


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First coil + 1.5 off the front, first coil + 1 off the rear. You can take more off (Y)

Fronts were loose but are wired into the cups. Rears are a bit loose and awaiting me having time to shorten the rear shock rod.

The ride isn't nice, but its bareable.


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Not yet, my playing with cars time is used up for a bit. I did have the angle grinder out again this afternoon though. I had to encourage the remains of the back box and pipe to separate from the centre section.

I'll have to see how much my local yard want for a pair of matiz struts to play with. I was very impressed with the ride on yours.