Micra k11 Brake Upgrade Options

Hi all,

Thought I'd make a thread documenting which brake setups etc definitely fit the micra with no/very little modifications.

100nx / Sunny n14/ Early Almera n15
You'll need the 1.6 100nx callipers, the 1.4/1.6 sunny brakes are exactly the same. The bits you'll need are the calliper, carriers, brake pads and discs.
Remove the old callipers and fitting these bigger brakes is very easy - simply put a 1mm washer between the hub and calliper carrier to get the disc centred in the calliper. All brake line fittings are the same.
For daily driving the master cylinder is fine, and even when racing most people say the standard mc is good. A few people however have upgraded the mc to improve pedal feel.
Some people take a few mm of the discs to get more clearance between the disc and callipers using a lathe - I've not had a problem, just took a tiny bit of metal off from the calliper.

Will fit behind 13" wheels. Nice and light brake setup, brake disc diameter is pretty much the same but as they're vented they won't fade as quickly on track.

Pulsar GTiR Callipers
Again for this conversion you'll need callipers, carriers, pads and discs.
Fitting is the same, remove old stuff and use a washer between the hub and carrier to spave the disc centrally in the calliper.
Some people use a lathe to take a couple of mm off of the discs, but not necessary.
Due to the larger fluid volume of these callipers an uprated master cylinder is recommended, but the standard master cylinder just about copes (supposedly).

This brake setup ^ is much larger and heavier, having a bigger calliper and disc - they only fit under 14" wheels and really add to your unsprung mass.

There are other brake 'upgrades' available from Nissan cars, lots of Nissans from the 90's era used brakes with will fit, the two above are simply the most common options.

Please feel free to correct anything I've written, and detail any other brake upgrades.


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As the pulsar guys use early Evo calipers with Clio discs that may be an option.

But most likely very overkill!
As the pulsar guys use early Evo calipers with Clio discs that may be an option.

But most likely very overkill!
I know someone on the Facebook page looked into it but gave up on the idea for a reason I now can't remember!
As you say, massively overkill but would give good bragging rights

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Not for the 99% but I spec'd these up for the Micra. Currently under test on the turbo K11 seeing as the SuperS is only a rolling shell with no MOT and an un-mapped fresh engine.

When considered with the wheel that was designed along side them, (not shown there), they weight less than the OEM wheel, disc and caliper setup.


They are really rather nice, if I was to ever get a micra kit car I'd be running something along those lines, maybe a wildwood kit

Brake porn none the less ^^
I've had a play with 4 pot calipers from an MGF.
Wasn't a bolt on of course but those are options.
Moved into AP calipers similar to Dave's above but without the nice disc
Those will soon be redundant too pending the future wheel size
Purely for lower cost of replace-ability if the need arises