Micra K11 1.4 died and doesnt start. Crank sensor wiring?

I was out driving the car and it suddenly died and doesnt start. It will crank but doesnt start.

I hooked up a generic OBD2 reader and it gives a C0335 code which I couldnt find anywhere. I also dont see RPM data ion the reader when cranking the car. So I started to check the crank and cam sensors and wiring. Cleaned the crank sensor and measured the voltage coming to the sensor and they seem odd. I can get earth, but on the power connector I only get +1.5v and the same to the signal wire.

I measured the cam sensor and that gets +12v ang +5v which seem correct.

What could cause this? Could it be a bad ECU? I couldnt find a wiring diagram to the coil pack K11 version, where can I find it? There was discussion about some Italian or Russian versions but I couldnt find links for them.