Micra k10 bodykit and alloys for sale...

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I'm putting this up for sale now, firstly to save me some work and secondly so someone off the site can get themselves a bargain!!! This needs to be sold now, and I have got the skirts off successfully, but unfortuantely not the arches. I am selling the full kit how it is now for £400. That includes front and rear bumper and skirts. It needs quite a bit of work to get tidied up and will need spraying, but shouldn't be anymore than a days work for a bodyshop to complete. This mainly just involves alot of sanding, a bit of filler and a tiny bit of fg in parts, where it was cut for the light conversion I had planned and from where I put the bumper back to how it was. If it doesn't sell this week then I will be tidying it up myself and it will go on Ebay, for alot more than I am selling it for here now. Bearing in mind if you got this customised and fitted by at professional bodyshop you would be looking in the region of a thousand pounds upwards to get this made!!! THIS KIT IS A TOTAL ONE OFF AND HAS HAD ALOT OF MONEY SPENT ON IT TO GET IT FITTING NICELY, AT THIS PRICE IT IS A BARGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!! £400!!!!!!

I also have my old Fox Premier 2 alloys for sale. I was going to do these up for my new car but my plans have changed again now. These also need tidying up but I will be doing this myself. By the time I have finished with them I can guarentee that they will be in nearly brand new condition!!! I am offering these now as I will give whoever is interested in them the choice of colour. Whatever colour you want!!! As these will be near perfect I am asking £300ono for them, as 2 of the tyres are new, and the other two are still good tyres. See the pics below and let me know if you are interested. :)


Dan. :)


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hey mate, im already buying some bits off you but was just wonderin how much you want for the white grille?
micra man

micra man

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Hey... I no longer have the white grille, as I had the bonnet extension done. :)

Somebody must want this after I have taken the time and effort to get it all off in one piece!!! :eek:


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£400 is a bargain!!

I paid that much just for my front bumper....before having it fitted!!!

i can't believe it hasn't been snapped up already? what's going on people, Christmas is ages away yet!
micra man

micra man

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Get them told lol. Its getting tidied up this weekend and will be sold on Ebay unless someone makes me an offer first. Come on people!!!


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If i didn't already have a kit i'd buy it. Then again, if i had the money i'd buy it anyway!! Lol :(


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james betley said:
dont have that kind of money and if i did i would have a mate make me a custom body kit for £500

lol but dan is selling a custom bodykit for 400, incase u didnt know, 400 is cheaper than 500 :)


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Just to give you a general idea on how much has been spent here to create one of the unique custom bodykits for the K10.

Purchase costs:

Front bumper £130
rear bumper + valance £120
Side skirts £200

TOTAL: £450

Modification Costs:

Front bumper £150
Rear bumper £100
Side Skirts £80

TOTAL: £330

All TOTAL: £790

This kit is of the best quality you will find for the K10, it fits like a factory in fact no it's better then factory. Paul at Melton Fibre Glass did an A1 job on this kit. Nis will also confirm Melton's work.

Someone with a k10 must pick this up

dont have that kind of money and if i did i would have a mate make me a custom body kit for £500

Sorry but parts alone would be nearly £500 and the hours put into making such a kit for the K10 would cost much more then £500.

Sorry to see that this isn't selling Dan, ebay definately seems the way to go.



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it isnt selling because of the state that they are in, in the current state my max would be £200 and thats for front & rear and skirts, look at how much filler and fiberglass repairing on the front and rear bumper and side skirts need

yes it is a nice kit and it is probably worth 400 when in a mint condition bu this kit has been abused with bits cut off and re put on etc

but thats my opinion on things


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i have to agree with fordy tbh. Get it to a good clean state and maybe even primer it and it'll go like a hot cake!! I doubt you'll even get 400 on e-bay as it is atm!!
micra man

micra man

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I know the pictures may make it look quite bad but i really doesn't need much work doing to get it sorted. I would do it myself I just don't have the time at the moment. Most of the problem is the old filler which was put on. This only needs sanding off, it needs a little bit of fg where it has taken a knock on the bottom bit of the front bumper and that is it!!! The same applies for the rear bumper and the skirts. Most of it is just taking a bit of time sanding to get it nice. I know alot of you haven't seen kits in the prep stage and maybe this is what is putting people off, but if it was tidied up and primed it would be a whole different story. This is a guess, but I reckon a bodyshop wouldn't charge anymore than £100 to get them tidied up.

Also not forgetting that the reason it looks like this is because I took all of the old work off and I have put them back to how they were when the car was white. The only thing which has changed since then is the bar in the middle of the front bumper has been turned upside down. The rest is the same as it was when the car was white.

Most of my things now for sale on Ebay!!! So get bidding if you want something lol.



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james betley said:
it will need mending and respraying it would cost an extra £150 to be put rite

If you mate can make you a custom for £500, surly £100 for getting it sprayed up nicely is nothing...

PS. Personaly I would have sold it all in one piece, else it will be much harder to sell, but I wish you the best of luck :)


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I have to agree, this kit would be gone in a short if it wasnt abused! If its that cheap to fix up, im surprised you hadnt done so yourself and wacked it on another micra - considering how unique it is.

The alloys are gorgeous though ;)


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if the rear windows dont sell il probably take them cant currently use ebay cuz its on my mothers bankcard and im at uni but pm me if they dont sell, are they in mint condition?