Micra instrument cluster/speedo

Hi guys I'm new to the forum, so bare with me!

I would like to know if a k11 si instrument cluster/speedo will fit and fully function in any facelift model after 2000, specifically in a 2001 1.4 activ 5door? I basically want a tachometer I like to see my rpm but don't wanna mount am aftermarket tachometer, looks cheesy hahaaa
From 98-02 on, the instrument cluster is electronic. Before this they are mechanical/electrical. You can only fit various ones from their own era.
Right so as long as its electronic it should work? Because I did see extra wires in the connection but those pins aren't there on the speedo without the tacho so I'm guessing the connections there already
One like this black one??? all electronic, off a 51 plate 1.4
In the box below is a cable drive tacho as well, I don't think that is what you want??
No I would like to know if the black digital one with the revcounter will fit in a k11 which normally has the digital one without the revcounter?

my instrument cluster in my 1.0l 16v k11 facelift 02 plate looks like this. i would like to know if the black one you have @davyboy with the rev counter will fit in my car and the rev counter, fuel gauge and temp gauge and speedo and mileage will all work correctly. sorry if i am not being clear hope this helps
Hi guys sorry its been a while very busy with work and family. Tried my mates from an 02 plate 1.4 facelift, and it worked in my 1.0l 02 plate! Digital mileage and tachometer are working as normal :D thanks for your help guys,
Great thread!

Does 1994 1.3 superS cluster have:

Check engine light?
Seatbelt light?
Reserve/low fuel level light?

Kudos for help, tried to find user guide in web, but no luck.