Micra GS - Aug 1991 -25225 Miles only

Nissan Micra - Aug 1991 - 25225 Miles - White 5 door Manual . This car was purchased new from ( Ely Cambs ) Nissan dealership as a second car ( by my parents ) and has been serviced throughout its history by the same dealership. The service book is fully stamped with 17 service entries.
The car has been stored/garaged unused for the last 4-5 years ( current sorn to Jan 2011 ) and has actually only completed 4000 miles since Aug 1999.
The car is in immaculate and original, untouched condition, having always been garaged and valeted regularly in its life. Apart from a wash , new battery , and a careful initial run-up of the engine, it has just passed a new MOT test ( Sept 5th ) and drove beautifully to and from the test centre.
The car is like new and is For Sale for very sensible offers, as my parents are now too old to drive !
The car is currently in Hampshire - contact via this website /or [email protected]/ or 07768 408446.
Paul G


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Looks in great condition, a real gem.

Will be ineteresting to see how much it goes for as the age, mileage and condition are almost identical to my Dads car.

Good luck with the sale.


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I would reccomend putting a 12month tax disk on it and pricing it at £550 - £625. But that's just an estimation based on the pictures and information you've provided. Has it ever had it's timing belt changed at all or is it still running the 19 year old origional belt?


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put a 6 month tax on it (£65) then it can be sold as on the road ready to drive away, then price iot to sell around the £500 mark. could also do with a bit of hiustory as to what its had done in the past, cam belt etc (as above) that should help it sell. to be perfectly honest you would be better off putting on ebay or the local rag, someones always after a cheap run around in good nick.

if only it were a 3 door and hampshire was only 10 mins down the road from me, lol


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surely the belt will be fine no matter how old it is? its only done 25000 miles unless thats all they last :laugh: very clean micra good luck with it


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surely the belt will be fine no matter how old it is? its only done 25000 miles unless thats all they last :laugh: very clean micra good luck with it

Well if you kept yourself off your feet and stayed low milage for most of your life, that wouldn't stop you from getting old and decrepid now would it. Rubber perishes, especially when under tention. Just think about how many times you've seen the tires crack up and go flat on a car that's been parked up, unused for years. Why do you think service books say "after soan-so miles OR 12months withever comes first", Milage isn't the only wear factor, time is the ultimate killer, coz lets face it, anybody can stop putting miles on thier car but nobody can stop time.