Micra C roof creak

We have recently part ex our 2003 Micra K12 4 door for a 2007 Micra C+C. Chuffed with it but roof rattle (creak) in boot when roof is open. Roof is solid when folded and nothing blatantly obvious. I would definitely say it is a creak rather than rattle. All ok when roof closed and no issues whatsoever. Would replacing the round rubber stops on the inside of the boot lid make a difference? Tried driving with boot partially open and sound still there so I know it’s not the boot lid and more coming from the folded roof. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards Russ.
As with all things that move and exposed to the elements, creaking usually means lack of lubrication in the joints and moving parts, start by closing the roof and lubricating the hinges that support the roof frame, then open the roof and do the same, carry out this untill the creaking stops, also check for worn bushes , by physically grasping the hinges and checking for lateral movement.:unsure: