Micra c+c airbags

Hi everyone,

I have just brought my micra c+c convertible,(yay! )and it is currently being repaired as I bought it damaged. What I would like to know is do the airbags from a normal micra fit the convertible? Or any of the parts for that matter, (but mainly the airbags). Sorry to be a pain but I am having quite a bit of trouble finding the bits I need for this car but all that is left really is the passanger side airbag. Any info would be great.

Thanks guys/gals!
I'm probably way too late...sorry, didn't see this sooner :oops:
...but I think the dash, steering wheel and front seats (where airbags are located) are the same as the standard hatchback models
obviously you'll want seats from a 3 door for the tilt/slide but if you can just get the airbags themselves outta the seats any should do ;)

hope you got it all sorted :)