Micra 2003 1.4 rocker cover gasket

Hi guys,

I've got a Micra K12 1.4 petrol, last service it was picked up on that oil is leaking onto the spark plugs (rocker cover gasket). I've done a couple of rocker covers before but not on a Micra.

I've bought an Elring gasket this morning, but its just the outer gasket, no rings to go around the spark plugs.

Can anyone give me some pointers? Are the gaskets for the plug holes sold seperately or do you just use instant gasket?

Hi Ethan

You can be these rocker cover o ring gaskets fairly cheap of Nissan. One of your o rings under the rocker cover must be worn. You can use the seal and some rtv sealant inside the grove of the rocker cover.

First you should remove air filter pipe , 2 plastic push in clips use a small flathead to remove.

Twist and pull of pipe, push the metal clips off holding the air filter on , then remove( might be easier removing air filter first) then air filter housing.

There are a number of bolts around the top cover above the rocker cover. There all 10mm. . Then remove 2 connectors and 2 rubber pipes on top.

Lift up plastic top cover, you ll have to undo the side mounting bracket to get access to all of the rocker cover bolts , there to the left of the rocker cover, there 4 or 5 bolts some are different lengths so take note. There all 13mm . Remove and remove small metal bracket below that two 13 bolts behind the bracket.

Now your able to access rocker cover, you unplug coil packs make note of which goes where maybe marker or tipp ex. There a screw in each of the coilpacks 10 or 13 mm. Lift out. The spark plugs are next there a 10mm i think.

Theres a number of 10mm bolts around the rocker cover , remove theres 2 longest bolts in the middle of the rocker cover there holding in the timing cover filter.

Then lift out if you get try get a soft faced hammer lightly tap. Under neath the rocker cover theres 4 O-rings , replace, put new gasket seal in rocker gasket. I put a bit of rtv sealant in the grove of the rocker cover grove and gasket. Make sure all bolts are tight especially the 2 long ones in the middle. And reassemble everything.

Dont forget when you have the rocker cover off
Be very careful not to drop anything in the engine.

Hope this helps.