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Micra 160SR off the shelf stainless exhaust found

Hi Guys,

I recently bought a 160SR with only 53,000 miles on the clock and it's in immaculate condition inside and out. The only pretty tatty looking bit of the car is the exhaust back box so I had a look around for an "off the shelf" stainless box and found this one: https://cobra-sor.com/Sport-Exhaust-silencers-stainless-steel-16-L-petrol_2 (click on the thumbnails to enlarge the images).

I phoned Cobra in Germany (I'm in the UK) and Patrick Dubert, Cobra's sales manager, assured me that this exhaust back box will fit perfectly on the 160SR without any modifications. I can't see how that can be the case, what with the twin pipes, what do you guys think? Unless they have dropped the back box a bit lower to the ground the pipes would surely make contact with the rear trim?

I'll soon find out because I went ahead and ordered the Cobra back box..... typical of me, buy in haste repent at leisure ;) I'll report back when the back box arrives and let you know if it is, indeed, an off the shelf direct fit replacement "sports" box. The remote control exhaust Cobra do for the Nissan 370Z seems pretty damned cool: https://www.autoguide.com/auto-news...emote-controlled-exhaust-for-nissan-370z.html so I hope the 99 Euro back box for the 160SR is equally as cool ;)

I will report back.
Hi Mika,

I've looked at your car and all the other mod threads..... fantastic stuff!

Mine is 100% stock and pretty much in showroom condition, I'm more than happy with the performance but would like a sportier "note" from the exhaust hence buying the Cobra muffler. I'll take the 160SR out of the garage for a photo shoot at the weekend...... I've been going over the paintwork with a clay bar, polish and natty's paste wax.

I'm not that keen on the colour (Caffe au lait) but beggars can't be choosers..... I've been looking for a 160SR for a few years and this one just said BUY ME! An amazing 18 stamps in the service book, the engine bay looks like it just came out of the factory, not a bit of rust on the underside..... the previous owner (one owner from new) really did look after it well.

I've had a 1.4 SX for the past 7 years and it's been bullet proof, an absolutely amazing little car, but it's now done 149,000 miles (still drives like new!) and I want to put it out to pasture. It does about 10,000 miles per year (daily driver) and I'm going to give it a rest and some downtime in the garage and let the 160SR do a bit of the Donkey work, that will give me time to tush up the 1.4 SX and, very sadly, put it up for sale....... I will really miss the 1.4 SX but it's taxed, insured and MOT'd until July 2019 so no great hurry in selling it ;)

Here are a few photos of my trusty 1.4 SX in the garden, I'll take a few photos of the 160SR at the weekend (same position in the back garden) but, for the time being, here is my trusty steed for the past 7 years:

DSCN3242 (1).jpg
I'll keep you posted regarding the Cobra exhaust.... the bank transfer was received in Germany today and they are going to ship the exhaust on Friday so it will, hopefully, be with me next week sometime (fingers crossed!).
I would class the engine bay in pretty much "pristine" condition and couldn't have hoped for better! The car came up from Rochdale on a transporter (500 miles south) so cars down there obviously don't suffer from the salt on the roads and coastal salt that we do up here in far north Scotland..... I was gobsmacked when I popped the hood a few weeks back, I wasn't expecting things to be almost like new!!
54,116 miles on the clock and averaging 50.5 MPG....... that's pretty good. Last oil / filter / spark plug change was at 48,352 miles and fully synthetic oil was used. Isn't is great having a FULL service history AND receipts included with the car? :) Brand new front brake calipers / dics and pads fitted last December (2017) and brand new rear brake cylinders / drums and shoes fitted at the same time PLUS a full flush and fresh brake fluid replacement. I'm at the "getting to know you" stage with this particular Micra and so far it's pretty much immaculate in every department.

The classic "known" rusting point is under the drivers side headlamp... the inner wing (offside)..... (R/H drive) so I got that part removed and a new galvanised steel part welded in to future proof the car / make sure the "known" rust point isn't known any more.

I'm happy to take this 160SR into a Scottish winter (and many Scottish winters) safe in the knowledge that it's "ready" and able to withstand / repel the enemy that is salt ;)

Hi Mika,

The headlights were the first thing I noticed..... checked through the "receipts" and the previous owner fitted new headlights in 2015 so, no, they are not the correct blacked out ones the 160SR should have. I fitted blacked out ones to my Micra 1.4SX so I could always swap them over onto the 160SR but not something I'm in a hurry to do ;)

No real accessories to speak of..... it's pretty much a 160SR with basic trim, the trim in the 1.4SX is a lot better..... will take some photos of the interior over the weekend.

There's a damned annoying "jingling" sound coming from the instrument cluster (sounds like keys jingling) between 50 - 90MPH or on a rough road which is really getting on my nerves so I'll be stripping the dashboard down to see if I can pinpoint it.
This isn't too bad for 39 Euros (original price was 144 Euros) a stainless steel chromed front bumper grill: https://cobra-sor.com/Front-bumper-grill-stainless-steel-R-12-mm_4

Same company (Cobra) that do the 160SR sports exhaust but with these items being a perfect fit for the 160SR and now discounted hugely (there won't be much demand for them what with the 160SR being so old) I'm thinking of snapping one of these up and fitting it onto my 160SR.

What do you think Mika? I think it gives the 160SR a nice look to the front end and for 39 Euros it's a real bargain price:

Here are the fitting instructions: https://cobra-sor.com/mediafiles/cobradb/nissan/micra/micra 160sr 2005-2010/pdf/montageanleitungen/4_stossstangengrill-nis2691.pdf

Here is the certificate: https://cobra-sor.com/mediafiles/cobradb/nissan/micra c+c/micra c+c 2005-2009/pdf/teilegutachten/7_stossstangengrill-nis2691.pdf

Purpose engineered for the 160SR back in 2005 / 2006 and now on massive discount....... it's a no brainer!

I think the chromed stainless bumper grill would look awesome on your 160SR Mika..... 39 Euros? Run, don't walk, and get one before they're gone ;)

I should have ordered one along with the Cobra sports exhaust (would have saved on extra shipping costs) but, hey ho, I was only looking for a sports exhaust last week...... I couldn't see the wood for the trees.

Anyhoo.......... the Cobra 160SR exhaust is in transit (it's progressed to "Duesseldorf") and it's ETA with me in the UK is Monday, 03/09/2018 , By End of Day.

Looking forward to the exhaust "sporty bit" and will 100% report back once it has been fitted (I'll take a few photos of it being fitted / or not fitting / or whatever).

All the best,



The German COBRA sports exhaust arrived yesterday and what a beautiful piece of craftsmanship it is! Made in Germany, stainless steel, chromed..... this exhaust is very well made and looks like it will last a lifetime!:

There are two types of standard Nissan exhausts available for the 160SR but the COBRA box will fit both of them. My stock exhaust system had the 850mm back box which is a male to female fit (with 48mm D clamp) but there is also a 900mm stock Nissan box which has a flange connector...... if yours has the flange connector then this comes with the COBRA exhaust so, as I say, the COBRA exhaust will fit perfectly to both versions of the stock Nissan middle box.

It couldn't have been easier to fit (and it was a PERFECT fit!) my exhaust guy did it in 20 minutes and charged me £10..... I gave him £20, I was that happy!

The exhaust note is pure quality too..... it really does suit the 160SR...... it's zesty and refreshing, not one of those annoying vroom vroom things that rattle tarmac loose. Those German guys have made, in my opinion, the perfect back box to compliment the 160SR. It's classy, it is beautifully balanced and in tune with the 160SR..... I am extremely happy with it!

It's an absolute steal @ 99 Euros...... it was originally over 400 Euros........ so most definitely run (don't walk) and buy one...... a superb "purpose designed for the 160SR" sports back box..... guaranteed to fit perfectly..... what more could you ask for? Made in Germany too!

I'll see if I can get somebody to rev the hell out the engine for me tomorrow and I'll take a video so you can hear what the exhaust sounds like...... for the time being, here is what it looks like:

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I didn't want to blow the engine so just gave a few "gentle" revs ;) Sounds a LOT better in real life!

The best 99 euros I have spent in a long while (remember, these were originally 438 Euros, before they were discounted) 101% over the moon with the cobra silencer..... perfect price, perfect fit and perfect sound for the 160SR: This exhaust / silencer has put a smile on my face.... it's just what the 160SR needed.... a touch of class to the exhaust note.

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Love the care and attention that's gone into your 160SR Mike! One thing that did catch my eye, have the headlights been changed, as I believe the 160SR got the tinted black headlamps like my Sport+ used to!

I'm amazed you found an exhaust too, I was on the temptation train to jerry rigging an eBay fart cannon onto my car before I got rid. Looking in the pictures it could probably do with getting moved up into the bumper a bit maybe?
Love the care and attention that's gone into your 160SR Mike! One thing that did catch my eye, have the headlights been changed, as I believe the 160SR got the tinted black headlamps like my Sport+ used to!

I'm amazed you found an exhaust too, I was on the temptation train to jerry rigging an eBay fart cannon onto my car before I got rid. Looking in the pictures it could probably do with getting moved up into the bumper a bit maybe?
According to Cobra the exhaust is custom made for the 160SR and that's how it's supposed to hang Tchaaa..... any further up and it would end up clanking on the rear bumper.

The headlights were changed by the previous owner (in 2015) and I'm not in any hurry to spend money on the black tinted ones...... the clear ones are only three years old and they're in superb nick (look like new) so no point wasting money ditching them for the tinted black ones IMO.

All the best,