Micra 1.0 no Rev counter. When to change gear (Maximum revs)

Hi there, This is my first post and I have a question I'm hoping you guys could help with.

I'm about to take over my friends 1.0 pre-facelift Micra manual shape. AS you probably know it has no rev counter and for insurance purposes I dont really want to modify it by fitting one.

Just wondering does anyone know what sort of speed the redline would be in 1st? then what speed in Second? and so on.

My old 4 speed Polo i had years back had little red notches (hopefully pictured below) Which demonstrated on the speedo what speed the max revs where in 1st second and third. I'm wanting to know the same info but for the Micra.


If anyone can help that's be great.

Hope to be on here more often.

Welcome..... Depends on what you're trying to achieve, iirc the 1.0 stops making power around the 6k rpm mark so you'd be wasting your time going to the limiter.

At a guess I'd say 35/40mph for 1st to 2nd, 60ish 2nd to 3rd, 80ish 3rd to 4th then after that you won't have enough power to worry about when to change to 5th

Bare in mind your engine will be screaming its nuts off
Jon Boy
Whoa, they do rev high then don't they? Just as a rough guide really mainly for downshifting so once the engine screams the damage isnt already done. I wont be reving it that hard on the way up. Thanks for the advice guys.


Brutal Honesty
In a 1996 1.0 I used get to 35mph ish in 1st, 55mph in 2nd, I don't go past 75 in 3rd and loses steam around then.

I then realised racing around in a stock 1.0 was stupid and toned it down.
Jon Boy
Lol I've just sold my 535i and and now getting a flat by the sea with my gf. A small car is the only thing I can afford realistically as I want to travel. I've researched them all and the Micra seems the only one nearly all love, are mechanically really quite good and look very well built. I wont rag it too hard. Theres just so many small roads and slow moving tractors around here.