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Martboy21's new raT 1.0 rebuild!!

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My Facelift K11

Hello. I've been a forum member for a short while now just lurking around, and so I thought I would start my own blog of my Micra. This isn't going to be anything special inside the car – such as no engine work due to the fact I have not much money. But in the future I may plan to put a turbo in it – might be fun! But for now, mainly interior and exterior modifications are going to happen.

Anyway, a little about me, I'm 17 and just got my license and am still in school, but I’ve still got enough time to work on my car and keep the modifications going.

And now the car. I bought the car about 6 months ago, and I'll admit, it wasn't the best car I could have wished for at the time. However, I was happy to have one of my own, no matter what it was. With being into cars since I can remember, I wanted to 'mod' it. I've never been into aggressive body kits or massive wheels, but always admired the 'euro' styled cars or at least ones that are sleek and subtle. I want my car to look really nice, but don’t want it to stand out ridiculously in front of every other car on the road. So I am still not 100% sure on the colour – probably going to go for the white look. Although it turns out there's a lot of Micra's on here that I wouldn’t mind mine to look like and could definitely name a few.

It took a month or so before I even took a photo of my Micra so here it is with a few modifications already done, which are listed below.


Smooth Boot-
First thing I did when I got the car was remove all the stickers and logos from the tailgate. Then replaced the facelift boot handle for a different one which I believe looks much better and will eventually colour-coded it. I also tried the horizontal wiper mod, but wasn't confident on actually cutting the internals up, but while it was off the car I had just left the hole in the back of the car. And found out that I very rarely use the rear wiper so decided to keep it removed and so then sold it to peposhi.

Boot Lights-
I bought some clear Micra indicators of eBay cheap, they work really well and they are much brighter than my old ones. Well one was broken anyway so needed a new pair whatever. I have left the key hole on the boot where it should be because some people remove it or change where it is. To be honest I think it looks fine where it is.

Colour-Coded Door Handles-
Simple to do, makes the car look better, but took a couple of days to get them back onto the car. Had to put my hand through the window wind the windows up as much as possible and slip my hand out when I left it over those days. Got a few looks when I went to get back in.

So that's it for now, I' think I've caught up with my progress. I've done one more thing since these photos. Update coming soon with more pictures.

Here is my to-do list over the next 6 months (hopefully sooner):
1. Remove side bumpstrips
2. Colour-code front and rear bumpstrips/guard
3. Get a body Kit
4. Black out headlights
5. Remove mudflaps
6. Get some JDM rear lights
7. Steering wheel and boss kit
8. Racing seats – recliner
9. Buy and fit subwoofer
10. Super S spoiler
11. 13” wheels
12. Full re-spray – still deciding on the colour.

If you want to know where I got any of the products from, I can give you the link or I can get them for you.
Comments welcome.

Removed the Rear Wiper (and sold it before you ask):


Removed Front and Back Bumpers:





Bought a Super S Spoiler off Eltaylor:



Bought 4 14" Oz Alloys off of Pritz with tyres in White!



Changing the Side Repeaters from Orange to Clear (on-going):


My WALD Kit arrived this morning which I bought off Kristain through McCheung. Thanks both of you for the time and effort that you went through to make this for me. Anyway....here are some pictures:











More to come soon. Comments welcome. (Y)
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