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Marks Micra

Hey everyone, Picked up my first micra last sunday and thought i should start making a thread

Heres how she looked when i got her :)



Took the badges off and added a wee sticker

And got some restorer on the bumpers

Ats Cups (bought from Glen) fitted :)


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Welcome mark! Youve bought a spit of glens micra from when he first bought his apart from under the bonnet lol


Has gone over to the oily side...
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You'll love the springs. When I had mine fitted to my K11 (I was a noob back then ;)), I took about 2 1/2 hours to drive the 7 miles home :D.


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what did you use to clean the glue off the side bumper strips :p and looking nice, got the same shape as yours but in red :L
Well i very carefully took the thick tape off with a stanley blade and wd40, but theres still sticky marks left i need to get off, ive heard petrol takes it off ;)


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use t-cut and a bank card or simlair to remove the small sticky bits.... i removed my strips on my old micra with just those alone. took me about an hour each side. looked like there had never been any bumpstrips ever fitted.


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I think the red would look better if you fitted first facelift headlights or de-globed those ones to take the orange away, each to their own though!
thanks guys :) im thinking about either a black fly eyes kit or spraying the inside of they ones but cant make up my mind what to do :/


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Do Hoopdubs Trick please... spray insides :)
Think Flyeyes have being mentioned on here better for taillights, visibility and that!
This looks really nice! I love the look of black facelifts
How much is it lowered by? And those wheels are 15x7 right? :)
Looking schweet mate! Tastey in black and love the black/red grilles... Would look awesome if you did the same to the grey bits in the bumber, spray em black with a few red strips... but still, looks amazing man!

As SK said above... how much you dropped her by?
thanks :) the wheels are 15x7s, its lowered on 60mm springs at the back and 50mm at the front. i was thinking that aswell odd_ball but i dont know if it would look like too much red :/ im thinking of spraying it black anyways :p hate the grey haha
That's about as low as I want to go with mine, maybe a little more but i'm not sure if the wheels/tyres will scrub then. What size tyres do you have on the cups? I'm running 195/50's atm but i'm not sure on whether I'll need more stretch or not :p
mines are 195/50s too, as long as you get a panhard rod for the back it should be ok. the fronts perfect if it was any lower it would scrub as theirs quite a bit of poke :p haha


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damn i wish i could get mine lowered :/ mine would be perfect in my eyes slightly slower with anti roll bars :p its certianly nippy enough :p


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exactly, im not even that fussed about it going lower, it would just be to reduce the roll when going round corners a little fast :p Whats next on your list then? Im intreeged to see what you can get out of it performance wise :p
Well ive got the exhaust manifold off it and front pipe away to fit frankspeed manifold and janspeed front pipe but duno how its gonna turn out with the o2 sensors as theres not a hole for the second one :( ill keep this updated tho :p


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yeah that would be good, let us know what differnce it makes, there arnt many 1.4 coilpacks on here so it will be interesting to see what sort of stuff you can do and what differnces they make :p after all we do have the most powerful one to start with :p
Haha i think i will be sticking with them for a while anyway :p ive driven it quite a few times round the industrial estate
Where i work :) Love it! :D


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they are so much fun, my old one was a 1L i could keep up with my mates in 1.2 corsa's but this thing is a whole new beast it pulls like a train, and just keeps pulling to the rev limit :)
Haha cant wait to get out on the open road and give it a push, i need to drive it slow cause my dads normally in with me :(
I was gonna be gettin a 1.0 pre facelift till i found out i was allowed on my dads traders policy :D
mines are 195/50s too, as long as you get a panhard rod for the back it should be ok. the fronts perfect if it was any lower it would scrub as theirs quite a bit of poke :p haha
Yeah i've got a Whiteline panhard rod on mine, I'm thinking of going either 60/50 like yours or maybe try 80/60 with 175/50 tyres, and maybe even space out my rear wheels a bit too :) Have you thought about getting your arches rolled/pulled?
80/60 might be too low at the back? Unless you can mod corsa coilovers so it sits level :p suppose it comes to personel taste.
Yeh ive looked at it but theres noone local that does it :/