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ga16 (primera) but its in a micra.

what basic management would i need ? its a cheap winter car, so dont want be spending mega bucks. about 7-9Psi on t2 or t25 (turbo sale fell through so havent sourced another just yet)


Dr Zoidberg

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could go with e manage, it has worked for a few people with forced induction. i'm pretty sure it works with the ga16de lump.

see Ed's fusion section on the forum :)

it's not cheap but it's not expensive imo, its not worth bodging the management/map things are more likely to go wrong.
E-Manages are very good if done right, especially with the E-Manage Ultimate, its not far off a stand alone ECU. Although the standalone is the best option it can be very pricey, I run an Omex 600 system and it cost me around £1000. But before I ran a E-Manage blue and it was pretty good on my old setup.