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The next 2 Mallory Park dates are:

20th November 2009

29th December 2009 Christmas and New Year special

The track has been around since 1940's as a pony trotting track, and then in the 1948 a grass track was made. The first concrete had been laid by 1956 and that’s when the serious fun started. Since then it has been home to some of the best racing in England and has hosted everything from Superbikes to Truck Racing.

Mallory Park has seen some of motor racing’s greats compete there. John Surtees returned to Mallory to win on both 2 and 4 wheels (the only man to win World Championships on both 2 and 4 wheels). The great Giacomo Agostini was beaten by local legend John Cooper (a Derby lad!)In the Race of the Year.

Agostini was World Champion at this time so it was a great success for Cooper. It has also been home to Radio 1 road shows and Bay City Rollers concerts to name a few, and this summer coming it will be the home of Doughnutters Track days 3 day camping and track event, but more on that at a later date ;)

It has what is regarded as one of the fastest corners of an English track, the famous Gerrards Corner (120mph is achievable) and at the other end one of the slowest hairpins (20 - 30mph) and a few more corners thrown in to test you in-between!

We will be running 3 x 15 minute sessions. Each session will include up to 25 cars on track together dependant on experience.

Once the 15 min session is finished, the next session goes out. This means 15 mins on track, about 30 mins off track (time to cool off, check your car, have a cup of tea or use the toilet / cafe facilities) and then your back on the track again. We guarantee 6 sessions minimum!

First session will start at 9am. We will have a brief break for lunch to allow the marshals, fire crews, ambulance and rescue truck drivers to grab something to eat. Then it’s back out on track until its too dark to race!

Everyone’s welcome! We will have the usual mixture of different cars and this will be an opportunity to see the Santa Pod, Drift demo car, attempt to drift Gerrards corner at speeds of well over 100mph :eek:

Spectators are free of charge to come down (free parking too) and there are some awesome viewing points around the track, although children under 16 will not be permitted in the Pit / Paddock area unsupervised. There is a cafe and licensed bar for them to use while they enjoy the action on track.

105 db limit :D

We will have a photographer on site taking pictures to upload onto our web site.

We will have expert race instructors available for tuition. Please contact us for package prices on this. We have licensed drift; sprint and rally racers on hand to give free tips and paid lessons.

Mad Gaz the spanner man will also be on site with his tool box and diagnostics equipment should anyone need a helping hand during the day!

The usual free tips, help and advice!

Our day is £99 for 6 sessions!

Due to the extremely, high speeds involved on this track, Helmets are mandatory for everyone and a maximum or 2 people in a car on track!

There has been a lot of interest from owners clubs who want to bring groups along and also hold small show areas in the Paddock areas so this is filling up fast!

Payment can either be in cash to me, via PayPal (add on the charges) or by cheque to Doughnutters Ltd.

Any queries/questions please contact me either by PM or on this thread.

May I also ask you to check out the site www.doughnutters.com that is currently being updated with details.

You will find on the site our own club rules; shortly to be added will be the Mallory specific ones for that date.

For those of you who have never been to Mallory, a couple of pictures. .



Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you all there!! :D

New Curborough dates to follow soon and details of next year’s national calendar will be uploaded to the sites in the next few weeks.

If anyone is interested, I've got 4 tickets at mine :)


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that was awesome, and the almera guys are a sound bunch :cool:
i passed a 2.0 mera a few times, and a modded mx5, and a 2.0 sierra sri, but could,nt keep up with a couple of other (well sorted) 2.0 mera,s tho (i was losing 6 car-lengths every lap)
i was shooting flames out the exhaust at the end of the straights lol :eek:
gotta see if my vids worked out now


Just watched the Vids frank, would of loved to have seen the faces of them drivers when you over took them lol...In the vid where you take the Almera GTi...What speed was you hitting on the straight!? lol