MA10ET vs ma12 manuals

hi gents,

great forum you have here. i recently acquired a nissan figaro, which, from my understanding, is based on the k10 platform. Because there is little info out there (at least relative to the micra and other more popular vehicles) i hope to call on the expertise of the individuals here to hopefully shed some light regarding motor variants..

so far i've only yet been able to find a manual for the MA12. pretty straightforward motor, but quite a bit different from the MA10ET found in the figaro.

does anyone have a link for a manual for the MA10ET, or possibly can someone tell me parts-wise where i can get the most accurate info? I understand the k10 micra parts are relatively easily available (and inexpensive! :) ), yet i don't want to be calling around asking for the wrong motor.

because the figaro was never sold new in my country (canada) there is little/no parts support for it. so i have to do the research and see what local example i can use. the k10 is the model.. but the motor i don't know.

or perhaps someone can tell me what years the k10 had the MA10ET motor in it?

pardon the essay.. any help would be greatly appreciated.. thank you


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a k10 manual wil cover most of the running gear and engine internals, and baz is the guy to ask about the et specifics :)


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Hi man welcome to the site, as frank said the engine block and head will be covered by the K10 workshop manual or a haynes manual, the only thing you have to learn about is the turbo , loom and inlet manifold, not much in it. As regards parts this is the site i have been buying parts for figaros they have a lot of stuff on there, and guides etc.

If not done before you purchased the fig probably needs a huge overhaul, I would recommend timing belt kit including water pump, plugs ( NGK BKR6E ), plugs leads and rotor arm.Air Filter oil filter etc. If you have problems starting it cold you will need a cold start valve. Shocks could need to changed also

Hope that helps
Hey :)

Thanks guys.. I appreciate the advice. I posted up on a figaro forum but I imagine (based on the non-technical nature of the site) I probably got a lot of blank stares hahaha

For plugs, i have listed (based on my MA12 manual):
and from a figaro parts site:
NGK Plug Cable
Part no : RC-NE21

So I'll go with your recommendation.. or probably just pull one off and make sure it's right..

Thanks for the northall link, that's gold!

Cheers :)


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Heat range 5 would be suited to a n/a ma series engine you need a heat range 6 plug in the fig so its Probably BPR6ES and not the code i listed in the first post:grinning:

Best of luck pm me if you need any help